Pokemon Kanto Redux

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Kanto Redux NDS Rom

  • Creator: SchrodingerFu
  • Version: V1.4
  • Hack of: Heart Red
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Kanto Redux Nds: The new story is about to begin. You begin in Lavender Town and can catch Pokemon up to Generation 4 with Nuzlocke and gain balanced experience throughout the Kanto Region. It’s complete and playable in English!

Pokemon Kanto Redux is a small HeartGold romhack that aims to create a new, exciting, and balanced experience in the Kanto region. Almost all TMs can be found and used, and all trainers now have new Pokemon and Gym Leader-level AI to challenge them.

You start in Lavender Town, and Kanto is a flush with 4 generations worth of Pokemon all across
the region. This hack is intended to be balanced around a hardcore Nuzlocke (can only catch the first encounter in each area excluding gift encounters, no items in battle, no levelling past the next Gym Leader, and release a Pokemon if they faint), so here I will provide spoiler-free information for prospective Nuzlockers. Included with this document is a full encounter list for each area, so the player can plan encounters more easily.

Version 1.3 is intended to be the final version, and I won’t be doing any more refining unless major bugs crop up. If you have any questions not listed below, feel free to contact me via discord 


Pokemon Kanto Redux Download

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