Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate

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NamePokemon Kanlara Ultimate
Based OnPokemon FireRed
VersionWill Update

Quick Info

Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Pokemon FireRed and was created by Sakakii. It was last updated on January 21, 2020.


Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate is the sister game to Kanlara Adventures. It should give the most agreeable method of investigating the district of Kanlara yet.

Kanlara is the area where you were conceived. You generate here, and you get together with your beloved companion and adversary. You are educated that the Professor needs to see both of you.

At the Lab, Professor Woke tells you that clearly, Kanlara is enduring an onslaught by a gathering known as Team Rocket.

You accept your first Pokemon, and together you and your adversary set out on your experience.

You will probably turn into the best coach you can be, yet in addition to place a wrench in Team Rocket’s arrangements and ensure they’re taken care of.

Afterward, it becomes clear that Team Rocket is acquiring a lot of force, and the whole destiny of Kanlara will lay on your shoulder as you leave on your way towards the last fight, which will choose everything…

Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate Features

  • Travel through the new region of Kanlara
  • Explore a new story
  • Catch and battle 386 different Pokemon from generations 1-7
  • P/S/S split, EXP on capture, running indoors, and more
  • Fairy type and a brand new type called ‘Demon’
  • Expanded move list including Shift Gear, Coil, X-Scissor
  • Custom TM list
  • 24 original Demon Pokemon
  • ~25 original moves with custom move effects

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is Kanlara Ultimate?

Kanlara Ultimate is the sister game to Kanlara Adventures. It is supposed to provide the most enjoyable way of exploring the region of Kanlara yet.

What’s the difference between Kanlara Ultimate and previous versions of Kanlara Adventures?

 The main thing is polished. There are fixes in the town map, updated move effects to have them work properly, added new cries for Gen4+ Pokémon, added the Fairy type, etc.
There is also an adjusted level curve to make the game less of a struggle to get through, while still keeping some of the difficult key battles from the original Kanlara Adventures.
The story has also been changed a bit.

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