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NamePokemon Kalos Crystal
Version29th April 2019 update

Quick Info

Pokemon Kalos Crystal is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Crystal and was created by Azure_Keys. It was last updated on April 29, 2019.


Pokemon Kalos Crystal is a spin-off of Unova Red. This is a reconsidering of Generation 2, where the original Pokemon was the Unova Pokedex, and the new second-age Pokemon is the Kalos Pokedex. This game highlights all Pokemon from ages 5 and 6, and like in Unova Red, all Pokemon in the Pokedex are reachable inside a solitary playthrough.

Besides the new Pokemon, the game capacities basically equivalent to the first. The greatest contrast is the consideration of Fairy types. This game additionally changes the sort matchup outline to the cutting-edge diagram previously utilized in Gen 6. All new goes after added into Unova Red are still here, as well as a few new goes after to finish up the new Fairy type, as well as add some mark moves to Gen 6 Pokemon, and essentially fully explore some underrepresented types. An identical number of moves were taken out from the game too, for the most part, signature moves of Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon, or just moves that didn’t fit well with the Gen 5 and 6 Pokemon.

Like in Unova Red, all standard exchange developments have been changed to standard level-up advancements, and a portion of the stone advancements was adjusted too. All Gen 5 Pokemon advance indistinguishably from how they did in Unova Red. A full rundown of development techniques can be found in the spoiler logs.

A few TMs have been adjusted, and a full rundown can be found in the spoiler logs. Quite, as in Gen 2, TMs are still only for one-time use. Likewise, as in Gen 2, moves are as yet named Physical or Special in view of type. The main exemption (as in Unova Red) is that Ghost is delegated SPECIAL, while Dark is named PHYSICAL. Additionally, the new Fairy type is named SPECIAL.

Pokemon Kalos Crystal Features

  • Pokedex includes Gen 5 & 6 Pokemon
  • Fairy-type
  • New moves were added, replacing some old ones
  • Ghost is SPECIAL, Dark is PHYSICAL
  • Some evolutions changed
  • New Pokemon encounters/gifts

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