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NamePokemon Dragonstone 2
Version Beta

Quick Info

Pokemon Dragonstone 2 is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by SinisterHoodedFigure. It was last updated on September 12, 2016.


The setting is the Aizome Region! A new pokemon association world competition has come to be facilitated in the locale of Aizome. Yet, the Aizome area isn’t precisely your agreeable pokemon district, as practically every mentor needs to become well known as the boss of the Pokemon League World Tournament, and will take the necessary steps to turn into the exceptionally next champion.

Your opponent will acquire an exceptionally strong and incredibly interesting pokemon from Professor Oak and will end up being an impressive foe, while on the mission of turning into the hero of the Pokemon League World Tournament. To satisfy the prerequisites of entering the Pokemon League World Tournament, you should overcome eight exercise centers, every one of them are extremely difficult.

What is more terrible, is that the vile Team Rocket has returned, acting like a lot more noteworthy danger to the world than ever, with an iron hold of the Aizome country, gaining by the presence of the World Tournament and taking advantage of its challengers, and converging with an extremely strong and degenerate pokemon company known as the Trade, all to additional their fiendish objectives of vanquishing the world. Furthermore, they will not be not difficult to stop.

Do you have the stuff to be the absolute best?

Additional Info

Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition is a hack of Pokemon Blue, with another storyline, discourse, locale, worked on front sprites, a pleasant thing choice, and admittance to colossal measures of cash, too each of the 151 pokemon accessible for catch all through the entire game, with a few pokemon accessible incredibly early, and numerous pokemon will become familiar with the best moves very early, and numerous pokemon develop right on time too, with stones accessible inside the principal cave. Stepping up without help from anyone else is an insignificant exertion, as the foes yield high exp, and in the end, you’ll get a close limitless measure of uncommon confections. The game needs to rise trouble rather than relapsing trouble, as the adversaries have better programs and better movepools, for certain progressions to the sub-AIs.

Obviously, assuming the Intense Indigo Edition is too hard, the Indigo Lite Edition is a simpler choice, however it is even more troublesome than the first Pokemon Blue.

In the event that you are know about the Pokemon Stadium series, you’ll realize that these series were the genuine motivation for the interactivity of these 2 hacks.

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