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Quick Info

Pokemon Inflamed Red is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on  FireRed and was created by  Greenphx. It was last updated on April 26, 2022.

NamePokemon Inflamed Red
Versionv1.0.5 (Completed)
Hack OfFireRed

Pokemon Inflamed Red is a QOL Difficulty hack that will (when it’s out of beta) permit you to get all Pokemon from Generation 1-8. It is a troublesome hack like Inclement Emerald, with EV preparing not needed yet suggested. Different mentors don’t have EVs so it’s your decision to prepare. The pack and switch-mode is permitted naturally, yet you can refuse the sack and empower the set assuming you need!

Pokemon Inflamed Red Features

  • Lots of Pokemon to Catch – All Pokemon from Generations 1-8 will be catchable when the game is complete!
  • 2 New Rivals, May and Barry! (Didn’t want to use Brendan since that would be too similar to Radical Red, lets just say Brendan is out exploring with his dad and Barry happens to be a close friend)
  • Updated Battle Engine and New Features thanks to CFRU and DPE!
  • Increased Difficulty – All Trainer Levels are higher, and Gym Leaders have full teams and are smarter.
  • Level Scaling based on average level of your party! (Unless the average level is lower than the normal level)
  • Pokemon buffing – I’ve buffed some Pokemon that are considered PU by giving them stat changes and partner moves!

Other QOL Features

  • No IV Grinding Mode: All Pokemon that you get will have perfect (31) IVs.
  • No EV Grinding Mode: Power Items (you can get them in the Cerulean Pokemart) will give 252 EVs for their stat instead of 4.
  • Starter Region Choice: You can select the region your starter comes from (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, etc). Your rival with has a Kantonian starter, however.
  • NPC in every Pokecentre: Similar to SwSh, there is an NPC in every Pokecentre that can relearn and delete moves, and rename your Pokemon.
  • Toggleable Exp Share: You can now toggle Gen 6 exp share to be on or off (gen 6 exp share functions added by CFRU)
  • PocketCentre: Similar to Inclement Emerald, there is a new item called the PocketCentre. You get it the first time you go to a Pokecentre and heal. This item heals your whole team when used, but must be refilled at a Pokecentre by healing your Pokemon there.
  • Stat Checker item: There is a new item called the stat checker which allows you to check Pokemon base stats, IVs, EVs, and happiness.


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