Pokemon Ice Blue

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ice Blue GBA Rom

NamePokemon Ice Blue
Based On
Pokemon Fire Red Hacks
Version Completed v1.3
Language English
Creator Dylan
Type GBA

Quick Info

It’s a Pokemon ROM/Game hack created by Dylan, which is based on the Pokemon Fire Red Codebase/Engine in English. It was last updated on May 2, 2021. Here you can download it within a few clicks.

Fact:  The author created this game for his daughter as a gift on her birthday.


Articuno, (the bad guy) has frozen the world, can you find the legendary “Phoenix” and try to save the world? It is basically a mini-Romhack (only a few maps) not the full version. No catching pokemon as all 6 are given throughout the game.

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Pokemon Ice Blue Key Features

  • There are also some Pokedex-Related Events in the game.
  • Pokemon And Legendaries From Generation IV.
  • 250 Is The Highest Level in the game.
  • Diamond River Is A New Piece Of Music.
  • Mega Evolution Has Been Newly Customized.
  • A lot of new soundtracks have been added, from many different game series.
  • Appropriate Physical/Special Divide.
  • You can craft items, not only the normal but also the legendary ones.


Pokemon Ice Blue Download


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Note : It is known only to work on the VBA emulator.

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