Pokemon Hollow Mysteries

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NamePokemon Hollow Mysteries
Creatorfreddy f1shf1nger

Quick Info

Pokemon Hollow Mysteries is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Notrisky. It was last updated on August 2, 2016.


The Ontak district was once a quiet and remiss natured locale in the realm of Pokemon. Ontak is many times a failed to remember district and has not many paramount minutes. Yet, not everything is great, the precipitous terrains have surrendered to dread that were recently thought incomprehensible. Ontak on the outside might appear to be quiet, however an underground conflict that is being battled in Ontak. The main thing that keeps the number of inhabitants in Ontak in complete forswearing of their impairment is that nothing is strange on a superficial level. Yet, in the Underworlds, there are evil plots within reach. On one turbulent evening, a youthful mentor was brought into the world in the Southern Plateau and since that evening there has never been pouring on the Western Side of the Ontak locale. Some accept that this is just situation yet some have confidence that this is a mentor with capacities that have recently been incredible. The main thing that is sure is that this mentor has a reasonable objective throughout everyday life. That objective is to be the absolute best like nobody at any point was.

Pokemon Hollow Mysteries Features

  • Challenging
  • Surf and Strength are the only necessary HM’s
  • Travel quickly between towns you have already visited using the “World Map Warp”


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