Pokemon Hoenn Adventures

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Hoenn Adventures GBA Rom

  • Creator: Brock
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Updated: 2017

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Emerald with DS-Style Graphics, Character Sprites, Animated Pokemon Sprites & Much More!


You and your family recently relocated to Villa Root, a new town. The Hoenn Region is where this town is situated. After finishing things up, you go outside to find Professor Birch, your neighborbot, being attacked by a feral Poochyena. You rush to save him without any hesitation. He instructs you to retrieve a Pokemon from his backpack. And you were successful in saving him. You were given a Pokedex and an assignment when you returned to his lab: complete the Pokedex by visiting every location in the Hoenn Region in order to become a Pokemon Champion. Well, isn’t it an ambitious goal?

A Pokemon game can only make you happy or joyful if you play it frequently. You can find Pokemon anyplace in the game if you explore the wild grass areas, caverns, and forests. Would you like to complete your Pokedex? Take them down with a Pokeball. A helpful hint is to reduce a Pokemon’s HP until it turns red because at that point it will be unable to flee and will be simple to catch.


  • New tiles, new side-quests.
  • The NDS graphics style is used instead of the old and ugly GBA graphics like before.
  • The battle background comes from Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
  • The difficulty of this game is not for any newcomer, for hard-core fans.
  • Many mysterious gifts throughout this game.
  • The soundtracks are remastered.
  • You can reuse TMs now.
  • New moves, new abilities, etc.


Pokemon Hoenn Adventures Download

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