Pokemon Heiwa

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NamePokemon Heiwa
VersionBeta 1.0

Quick Info

Pokemon Heiwa is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Notrisky. It was last updated on July 26, 2016.


The Heiwa Region is a loose and serene spot, an archipelago where everybody likes to take as much time as necessary and partake in the water. First found a long time back by a gathering of voyagers, the Heiwa district has turned into a position of profound culture and gifted mentors.

You are a youthful coach and expanding columnist from Solitario Town. Your mom just turned into the supervisor of the Heiwa Herald, a provincially partnered paper, and she has an undertaking for you: investigate Heiwa and experience as much fervor as possible. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the way that you can be a first-class journalist, and your accounts will be founded on your fights. In the interim, something hazier might be mixing simply off the shores.

Pokemon Heiwa Features

  • Updated Battle Mechanics (new moves, abilities, etc.)
  • A variety of Pokémon from all six Generations (a total of 384)
  • A non-linear story (somewhat)
  • Lots of tropical fun in the Sun
  • The return of Dive?
  • New music
  • A custom Battle Maison


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