Pokemon Grass Jewel 2

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NamePokemon Grape

Quick Info

Pokemon Grass Jewel 2 is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by LatiosAzurill. It was last updated on December 29, 2020.


Welcome back to the Hoenn area that you will never see again it previously! Get back to the universe of Pokemon Grass Jewel 2, after two years as the more youthful kin of the legend of Hoenn. Numerous things have changed, as the previous hero has gotten back to Johto as you show up in Littleroot Town. Assist Professor With pining with the Pokedex and your opponent Emmett in bringing down Team Truth. After showing up in Petalburg City, you understand that your dad, Norman, the head of Petalburg Gym has strangely vanished, and that is only the start! Go around the Hoenn locale, making new companions and confronting new difficulties as you attempt to save the world, become the best coach, and catch them all!

Pokemon Grass Jewel 2 Features

  • New evolution methods
  • Select Pokemon from Gen 1-7
  • Modified Pokemon types
  • Power boosted for many moves
  • Higher difficulty curve
  • Fairy-type
  • Some new areas
  • Some new moves
  • Some custom shiny sprites

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