Pokemon Glazed Randomizer

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NamePokemon Glazed Randomizer
Creator redriders180

Quick Info

Pokemon Glazed Randomizer is an NDS ROM Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by Bufly. It was last updated, in 2019.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Version

Each Pokemon in it has an exceptional strategy for catching. Pokemon like Pikachu, Meowth, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan can’t be gotten with standard Poke Balls. You should get comparing Pokemon balls for them, like Great, Ultra, etc. Viridian City Gym Leader must be battled by Pokemon who know Grass-type moves, though Ecruteak City Gym Leader must be battled by Pokemon who know Water-type moves. Moreover, Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon Glazed Randomizer is more troublesome than in Pokemon Emerald, yet the prizes incorporate Mega Stones, so fighting for rank 1 is advantageous!

Differences from the original Pokemon Glazed Pokemon database

Pokemon at level 5 has no moves. Pokemon can be experienced at level 12. Pokemon get an opportunity to learn new moves as they step up. Pokemon presently have a higher catch rate. Pokemon can be found in an assortment of areas.

Moreover, Pokemon Glazed Randomizer incorporates plenty of extra highlights for players who appreciate difficulties and assortment. You can evaluate your number one Pokemon from past ages, or you can evaluate the new Mega Evolutions!

Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Features

  • Gym leaders have decreased the level of pokemon
  • 3 Regions (Tunod, Johto & Rankor)
  • All battle sprites have been updated to their newer sprites
  • Mega Evolution has been implemented as much as it will be in Glazed
  • Mega Evolution is a permanent change
  • Bulbasaur no longer has a catch rate of 0
  • All Pokemon now have their proper cry
  • Manaphy and Arceus have a proper sprite icon
  • The Froakie in Sprout Tower now acts as a Froakie, instead of as a Bellsprout
  • Added the Power Shack to Trainer Isle, to purchase type-boosting held items
  • Rankor Leaders and Mixed Leaders are enabled upon defeating the Rankor League
  • Trainer Isle’s Tough Doubles, Rankor Gym Leaders, Mixed Gym Leaders, and Special Singles are available
  • TMs, HMs, and move tutors will not work for a Mega Evolved Pokemon. Mega Lucario has the same learnset as Lucario, while the other Mega Evolutions only learn one move, at level 1. This move differs between each Pokemon and should be able to be taught by using any Move Relearner
  • The Pokedex displays the correct map, and (generally) the correct locations for each Pokemon. Some are slightly off due to something I can’t figure out, but a great majority are completely accurate

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