Pokemon Fools Gold

In this Pokemon adventure, significant changes have been made to make the game more exciting:

  1. Redesigned Pokemon: All 251 Pokemon have been given fresh looks, along with new types and moves that make them more interesting and fitting.
  2. Improved Wild Encounters: The types of Pokemon you come across in the wild have been reimagined to better match the environments they inhabit.
  3. No Trading Required: You can catch every single one of the 251 Pokemon without needing to trade with others. This includes those that usually require trading to evolve and starter Pokemon.
  1. Overworld Aesthetics: The appearance of the game world has been enhanced with various visual changes.
  2. New Exploration Opportunities: You’ll discover a few new optional places to explore, adding more adventure to your journey.
  3. Higher Shiny Encounter Rate: The chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon has been significantly increased, making it more likely that you’ll come across one during your playthrough.
  4. New Moves: Some fresh moves have been added to the game, including ones from other Pokemon games and entirely new ones, providing more strategic options in battles.




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