Pokemon FireRed 251 [Download]

Download Patched Pokemon FireRed 251 GBA Rom

Quick Info

Pokemon FireRed 251 is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Chronosplit. It was last updated on September 17, 2019.

NamePokemon FireRed 251
VersionNot Known

Originally used for testing scripts for a very old and long dead and buried patch, Pokemon FireRed 251 eventually became a hack that tries to be as low-key as possible with its modifications while improving the game for the better. It’s kinda able to be compared to Throwback, but there are very large differences. There are a lot of things it doesn’t do that FR251 does and vice versa.

Pokemon FireRed 251 Features

  • Some Gym Leaders altered
  • SelfDestruct has been restored on most normal battles
  • Running Shoes can be used indoors
  • Trainer Facing fix
  • All the first 251 available
  • Some less useful trades updated
  • A new “stone” has been created for trade evolutions
  • New item stores have been created, which sell Berries and Hold Items
  • Various minor Mart list changes
  • New Pokemon sprites
  • Decapitalization

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Pokemon FireRed 251 Download

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