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NamePokemon Fat Kid
Creator Le Pug

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Pokemon Fat Kid is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by  Le Pug. It was last updated on July 21, 2018.

Pokemon Fat Kid is a GBA Rom Hack in view of Pokemon Emerald. It has another Protagonist (The Fat Kid), New Region (Cheeto Region), and an Amazing Story!


You know him. He’s the person who was consistently there for you in the starter locale to guarantee you a certain something: innovation is wonderful. He’s been to Hoenn. He’s been to Johto. Be that as it may, presently he is setting out for the Cheeto area.

The Cheeto district is brimming with superb and new innovations. It is additionally home to Bill, the unrivaled PC designer. It additionally has one of the most mind-blowing doughnut shop chains on every one of the grounds. Everything sounds incredible while heading in however when he shows up, something horrendous occurs: the Professor’s lab is exploded.

He assesses the rubble and finds just the Professor scarcely alive. As the Professor takes his final gasp, the Professor gives him a Pokeball. Inside is Porygon 5.0, the most recent delivery. Together, Porygon and he should traverse the Cheeto area to prevent Team Hippy from finishing their definitive objective: obliterating all innovation. Would he be able to make it happen? One method for discovering. Follow him across the Cheeto area and see the occasions disentangle. He has numerous obstructions in his manner, yet with his great innovation, doughnuts, and Pokemon close by, he ought to have the option to succeed. He is Fat Kid.

Pokemon Fat Kid Features

  • No Professor intro
  • New trainer sprites
  • New evil team – Team Hippy
  • Porygon as starter + six interchangeable Porygon evolutions
  • New tiles
  • Custom music
  • New Pokemon cries
  • Donuts and apple pies
  • Tasteful humor
  • New Pokemon type: Tech Type
  • HMs replaced with items (i.e. grappling hook, water tube, shears, lock picks, etc.)
  • The Fat Kid can run now
  • Scooter instead of a bike

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