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Quick Info

Pokemon Eternal Snow is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by Reshiram white as snow. It was last updated on December 2, 2016.

NamePokemon Eternal Snow
CreatorReshiram white as snow

Pokemon Eternal Snow is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Emerald but with 3 Leagues, 18 Gyms, 672 Pokemon, All Eight Eeveelutions & the addition of Fairy-Type!

Pokemon Eternal Snow Features

  • Three rounds with 18 different types of gyms and 3 leagues
  • 672 Pokémon, along with new stats, evolutions, movesets, Dex entries, sprites, and cries
  • Fairy-type
  • All 8 Eevee evolutions
  • 4 Evolutionary items- Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, and Shiny Stone, Link Cable
  • New Evolution Methods- Map Name Evolution, Move Name Evolution, etc.
  • No trade evolutions
  • 100+ new moves, along with some new move animations, new descriptions and move effects
  • Old moves have been updated, some with edited powers, accuracy, and/or effects
  • Reusable TMs, so no worrying about losing any
  • Run in buildings
  • Gain EXP on capturing
  • New regions after first League- Mars, Venus, Pluto and etc.
  • New trainers in the second and third world
  • Day and night system

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Additional Info

  • You can get Eevee at the beginning only, so do not miss out on this. Two Pokeballs are hidden in Littleroot Town.
  • Articuno(holds Reflect), Zapdos(holds Light Screen), Moltres(holds Safeguard), Heatran(holds Flamethrower), Reshiram(holds Fire Blast), Zekrom(holds Thunder), and Kyurem(holds Blizzard) probably hold a TM, but not with 100% probabilities. You cannot get these TMs otherwise.

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