Pokemon Emerald Hoenn & National Dex Editions

Download Patched Pokemon Emerald: Hoenn and National Dex Edition GBA Roms

NamePokemon Emerald Hoenn & National Dex Editions
VersionCompleted v2.0.0

Quick Info

Pokemon Emerald Hoenn & National Dex Editions is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by Chronosplit. It was last updated on July 13, 2018.


Pokemon Emerald Hoenn and National Dex Editions are Sort of like the Throwback or Ultra Violet to Pokemon Emerald. Rather than tossing in a troublesome 500+ all Gen VII repairman Pokefest, these stick to fixing stuff and simply making things accessible. Like it says on the tin: Hoenn Dex has all the Hoenn Dex, National Dex has all the National Dex. ND likewise has a “light” form that doesn’t change mentors, as the other fundamentally did substitutions for making the additional Pokemon look welcome. No harm split, no new moves, no new Pokemon. Exactly what you really want to complete the game without hacking it yourself.

The Hoenn Dex Edition includes just all the Regional Dex, Ferry Events, and Postgame in Emerald.
The National Dex Light has each of the 386 accessible however changes nothing else.
The full form of National Dex has Trainer load-outs changed up.

Pokemon Emerald Hoenn & National Dex Editions Features

  • Improved Pokemon sprites, animations
  • Running indoors
  • RNG fix
  • Pomeg Berry fix
  • Decapitalization
  • Ferry Events work now
  • All Stones, Berries, TMs available at Battle Frontier’s PokeMart

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