Pokemon Emerald Cross

Bag Sorting: Your bag of items can be neatly organized for easier access.

Expanded Options: You have more choices for how the game looks and plays, like adjusting the speed of health and experience bars, text scrolling, and even the measurement system.

Fishing Style: You can choose between two fishing styles, one similar to Emerald and the other to FireRed, depending on your preference.

Overworld Match Calls: You can decide if you want to receive calls from trainers you’ve met in the overworld.

Battle Intro: You can turn off the fancy sliding animation at the start of battles for a faster experience.

Running Indoors: You can run even when you’re inside buildings.

Auto-Run: By pressing a button, your character will automatically run in the overworld, making it more convenient.


Official (Patch)

Google Drive (Pre-Patched)

One Drive (Pre-Patched)

Previous Versions




Beta 3.5

Beta 3



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