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NamePokemon Naki Version
Based On……
Version v1.3
Creator Joshua82

Quick Info

Pokemon DPS Ultimate is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on ……. and was created by Joshua82. It was last updated on December 20, 2019.

In Pokemon DPS Ultimate You’re a student and you’re going to study in the Primary Poke-School. Explore the school and discover all its secrets. Challenge other students/teachers/janitors and obtain good marks because you’ll need them to do the final exam.

Pokemon DPS Ultimate Features

  • You’re going to school!
  • The school has been designed to look exactly like the DPS STS School in Dhaka
  • You can catch a variety of wild Pokemon to form your team
  • Sidequests and good scripts
  • Numerous hidden items
  • Access the Battle Tower through a secret location
  • Decapitalization

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New Additional Features

  • The school has been totally overhauled to look precisely like the DPS STS School in Dhaka.
  • Your starter is presently not a Castform. All things being equal, you get 3 unique starters from 3 distinct individuals. (The kid you saved from being harassed next to the school transport will give you a level 50 Alakazam, an individual almost will give you a lv50 Eevee, and one of the instructors at the Diabari Field will give you iv48 Mareep which, as you definitely know to be advanced to an Ampharos by lv50.)
  • You can get various secret things like various sorts of PokeBalls, new Reusable TMs, just as Evolution Stones for your Eevee and other Pokemons, which would be concealed in the new Diabari Field just as the Grass, Fire, and Water Zones.
  • You can get to the Battle Tower through a mysterious area, where you can enter your Pokemons and fight different coaches. (Since all the Pokemons you get and find in the wild would be from lv40 to lv50, it would be simple for you to settle in a group of your decision, and train Pokemons up to lv50, with the goal that they are qualified to enter the Battle Tower, where you can enter any lv50 or lv100 Pokemon of your decision.
  • The starters you would get would hold two Rare Candies and an Amulet Coin, so it would assist you with preparing your Pokemons without any problem.
  • Moves, Items, Abilities, Pokemons, Nature, PC Text just as a few Trainer Classes and Battle Texts have been decapitalized beyond what many would consider possible.
  • Every one of the associations have been fixed.
  • Your experience isn’t simply restricted to your school, you can do the Battle Tower Challenge, get Pokemons in the Safari Zone, get Rayquaza right on time also venture in the Hoenn Region assuming you can track down the mysterious area
  • Look at the school carport for a thrilling shock.
  • Introduction has been fixed. (On account of Pokemoner MrTien Duc)
  • And that’s just the beginning…
  • There are various regions to get your cherished Pokemon
  • A Grass zone close to the Diabari Field where you can get various uncommon Grass, Poison, and Bus-type Pokemons alongside certain starters.
  • A Fire Zone close to the Diabari Field where you can get various uncommon Ground and Fire-type Pokemons alongside certain starters.
  • A Water Zone close to the Diabari Field where you can get various uncommon Water-type Pokemons alongside certain starters. (P.S. Getting Feebas in this game is impressively simple contrasted with the first game.)
  • A getting zone inside your school grounds where you can get various Normal, Flying, and Water-type Pokemons alongside certain starters.
  • There is a mysterious area that permits you to access and catch Pokemons in the Safari Zone, along these lines you don’t need to stress over losing your valuable Pokeballs, as you as of now get 30 Safari Balls when you enter the Safari Zone.
  • In the ‘School Tournament’ held in your school, on the off chance that you win it, you will get to Mystic Forest, a woods where you can accept your prize Pokemon for winning the Tournament.
  • You can likewise visit the Hoenn Region through the mysterious area, which you can consider as the post-game. Hence, you can likewise get a few Pokemons all through the area.
  • Through the mysterious area, you can likewise get to the Sky Pillar to get the unbelievable Pokemon Rayquaza. To go through the Sky Pillar, you will require the Mach Bike, which will be given to you by an individual in the New PokeMart next to the new Pokemon Center before your school.
  • And then some…


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