Pokemon Discovery

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NamePokemon Discovery
VersionBeta 1 v0.2.1
CreatorLe pug

Quick Info

Pokemon Discovery is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by Le pug. It was last updated on January 24, 2018.


There are very few Pokemon hacks that utilize the ocean as their subject, so this form can be exceptional. You will play the job of an enrolled mariner interestingly. You will have your first leave on a SS Navy vessel. As of late, there is news that makes reference to the vanishing of numerous vessels (I see the malicious Bermuda triangle here). The SS Eclipse is given this errand: watch the waterfront of a strange expanse of land. At the point when you meet Chief Hesarg, he lets you know the legend of Pokemon for certain reports about their areas close to the lost boats.

Also, when you are carrying on your central goal… abruptly your boat is gone after and sunk by an obscure peculiarity. Whenever you awaken, everybody is no more. With only a couple of different survivors, you attempt to get by on this island. You hear shouts from the timberland before you, you take off. Starting here, you formally start your own enduring excursion!

Pokemon Discovery Features

  • New sprites for our character and NPCs.
  • Your companies can be renegades.
  • A new system called LOW – Level Of Will.
  • Pokemon from Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI.
  • The titles, items, moves, and abilities of Pokemon are updated and replaced.
  • Day/Night System.
  • The technology and gyms of this game are replaced with talisman fragment events.

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