Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas

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NamePokemon Dimensiones Alteradas
Based OnPokemon FireRed
Creator DarkFex

Quick Info

Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Pokemon FireRed and was created by  DarkFex. It was last updated in July 2020.


Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas (Altered Dimensions) is a finished GBA Rom Hack in Spanish that has Pokémon Fire Red as its Base ROM, it has 200 New Fakemon, Merged Forms, NDS Graphics, and a New Kanto Region with various climate changes.

In the notable Kanto Region, distinctive climatic changes have happened because of a modification of the planet and aspect where we reside, the outcome was an absolute difference in the occupants and Pokémon of Kanto. These Pokémon have totally changed both their sort and their structure and furthermore, the actual Region has an alternate environment in certain urban communities, it downpours, in others it snows while in some it makes an extraordinary sun. Set out to begin this experience in Kanto yet in an unexpected way!

Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas Features

  • Official cover inserted into the game.
  • National Dex from the beginning.
  • History is totally in Spanish.
  • More than 200 Pokémon with altered forms.
  • Tileset change (graphics change).
  • A new map for the Kanto region.
  • B&W style backpack.
  • B&W style PC case.
  • HGSS-style Pokémon menu.
  • B&W-style Pokémon data.
  • Sun & Moon style type icons.
  • TextBox (Text box) totally changed as well as the secondary one (this is appreciated when you read a poster).
  • Hp Bar changed to the Let´s Go style.
  • Battlebox changed (this appears when you enter combat).
  • Completely changed battle backgrounds, these are appreciated against the rival, on the routes, and in the gym leaders.
  • HGSS Style Coaches Sprites.
  • Naming Screen in the B&W style (this is when you choose the name of the character, rival, and name your Pokémon.
  • Trainer Card completely changed.
  • Deliver X&Y Style Experience.
  • Menu borders completely changed.
  • Division of attacks in physical and special.
  • Attacks on Spanish as well as its description.
  • Objects translated into Spanish with their respective description.
  • Totally high difficult.
  • Poketubers as gym leaders and high command.
  • Dialogues changed in gym leaders and high command.
  • Double fights in the high command.
  • It can be run indoors.
  • Any attack can be substituted (both HM and MO).
  • The sprite is displayed when an object is found on the map.
  • Gengar and Nidoran’s initial combat has been removed.

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