Pokemon Dimension Legends

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Quick Info

Pokemon Dimension Legends is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Crimson Stardust. It was last updated on ???.

NamePokemon Dimension Legends
CreatorCrimson Stardust


The historical backdrop of this area was related to Pokemon Legendaries. A sentence has been retransmitted to people in the future “When an entryway to an obscure Dimension is open. The destiny of the world lies in the hand of a trusted kid to have the ability to stop the God Of Chaos”.

You are Ace and the principal character of this game. You are a meandering kid to the Deria district from your old neighborhood. The explanation you arrive at this area is the guarantee to your grandma before she kicked the bucket. She advised you to finish a few solicitations and you attempt to do those at this point. More mysteries are uncovered and you can investigate the game story when you play it. What is the connection between Pokemon Legendaries and this district? Track down the solution to this inquiry.

Pokemon Dimension Legends Features

  • Harder to defeat GYM Leaders
  • A brand new game story
  • More Pokemon from all Generations
  • New Characters
  • New Routes
  • Great Music and Sounds
  • New Sprites
  • New Battle Themes


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