Pokemon Derpizard

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Derpizard GBA Rom

  • Creator: karatekid552
  • Version: v1.2
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Updated: January 24, 2018

Pokemon Derpizard is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.


This is the entertaining thought of an improvement group, they need to supplant the principal character and different NPCs as Pokemon. Furthermore, some way or another, they have succeeded. OK, we should find out how they have treated our number one game.

Fundamentally, the universe of Pokemon Ruby continues as before as its starting point. Hoenn Region is a notable region for having numerous delightful sights and a major assortment of food sources – drinks. Those things as well as known as a heaven for Pokemon and people since they can live respectively cheerfully and calmly. What’s more, this is the best time for you – our primary person – to show up before the group. You and your family have recently moved to this Hoenn Region from somewhere else. There will be such countless things to be investigated or to be finished here, at first you want to set up your residing base: your home.

Subsequent to setting up and checking everything cautiously, you go down the steps and leave the house. Ok, the air is new to such an extent that you need to quickly go around for a walk. Furthermore, when you will do that… out of nowhere you hear a frenzy shout. While drawing nearer to the spot of that shout, you see a man who is being gone after by a wild Pokemon. Gee, would it be a good idea for you to save him or just let him there? OK, then save him since he is Professor Birch – the most magnificent Pokemon Expert of this Hoenn Region. Also, when that wild Pokemon is gone, Professor Birch takes you to his lab. Here he gives you a Pokedex and a Pokemon starter to be your accomplice. You will likewise have your absolute first opponent fight with the girl of Birch. At any rate, you can win or you can lose, it doesn’t make any difference. From that point on, there is a major Pokemon experience is sitting tight for you ahead.

In this experience, unquestionably you will meet and connect with a few group on your way. Furthermore, you will be the legend of the whole locale since there is a criminal association called Team Magma and they will bring the old Pokemon called Groudon. Well, Groudon is a divine being and you need to prepare a ton with the goal that you can face him. Remember about the exercise center identifications and the Pokemon Champion title!


  • Replace all the NPCs with the sprites of Pokemon.
  • New storyline.


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