Pokemon Delta Green

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Delta Green (Zenon Returns) GBA ROM

NamePokemon Delta Green
Based OnEmerald
VersionBeta 1.1.6

Quick Info

Pokemon Delta Green is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by 3uminator. It was last updated on December 12, 2017.


Pokemon Delta Green (Zenon Returns) is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Emerald. It has a new storyline, Increased difficulty, events & side quests!

There is a rumor that Team Rocket has gotten control of a certain Legendary Pokemon. Giovanni tried to use this Pokemon to conquer the world, but it did not choose him as its leader for this very reason. Instead, it wishes to defeat a mystical human being called Zenon, who causes a lot of havoc at Wilturf Silent. You will encounter Zenon early, and from then, a lot of things will start to happen involving Team Rocket, the Legendary Pokemon, and much more.

Pokemon Delta Green Features

  • New storyline
  • Heavily increased difficulty
  • Take part in different events, and choose what you want to do
  • Sidequests that will affect who you encounter on your journey
  • Newer gen Pokemon and moves

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Pokemon Delta Green Download

SOURCE: PokeCommunity

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