Pokemon DarkFire

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NamePokemon DarkFire
Based OnPokemon Blue/Red (Not sure)
VersionBeta 2.0.5
CreditKarl, Ray Maverick

Quick Info

Pokemon DarkFire is a GBA hack ROM that is based on Pokemon Red/Blue and had been created by Karl, Ray Maverick.


Pokemon DarkFire: Pokémon has been acting weird recently. Some are in any event, disappearing. Others essentially will not follow their coach’s orders. The district’s most impressive researchers have put this plague on an extreme Pokémon infection, nonetheless, any proof is non-indisputable.

You are an adolescent living in the delightful locale of Tenjo, found east of Hoenn. Subsequent to saving the nearby teacher’s office from a Rattata pervasion, your companion, Tyler, believes it’s really smart to set off with you to investigate the district and its excellence.

Later some time investigating, you are defied by a dubious man who says he has been watching you fight and could utilize your ability in a considerably more severe sort of doing combating, and the wealth and popularity that will accompany this engaging is a not thing to be disregarded. He then, at that point, tells you to “keep it up”, and vanishes.

Starting here, each time you catch Tyler, he is by all accounts acting increasingly weird. Subsequent to visiting the Tenjo Government Offices, he starts to accept that public authority is concealing something from individuals, thus he vanishes, apparently following his own calling. Later, You start to see images of the dubious man who stood up to you all over.

One day on your excursion, news breaks out that Tyler has disappeared. Taking into account that he was attempting to uncover the Tenjo government as his very own result fear-inspired notions, plainly it doesn’t sound great, thus you set out to track down him.

As you meet new companions, they start to help you in the quest for Tyler, nonetheless, terrifying things are going to unfurl…

You’ll be associated with secret underground doing combating. This kind of fight has no principles. Members make Pokémon battle to the passing for cash, power, and notoriety, and the crime percentage is at an untouched high.

Through unexpected developments and complete oddity-outs, you will encounter everything from severe underground fights to missing legendaries and missing individuals. Some say a human is running the underground debasement, others are saying no human can be so cold and it is an abhorrent Pokémon calling the shots.

Who is the head of this malevolent association? Is the public authority truly planning something naughty? Where could Tyler be? For what reason are the Pokémon acting so peculiarly?

All to be uncovered, in this spic and span, Gen 3 Pokémon experience!

Pokemon DarkFire Features

  • Brand New Region to Explore!
  • Completely Custom Music
  • Gen 7 Battle Mechanics
  • Double Wild Battles
  • Beautiful Battle Backgrounds
  • Gyms Replaced With Battle Tournaments
  • EXP From Catching Pokémon
  • Dizzyegg’s Amazing Battle Engine
  • Dark & Gritty Storyline
  • Infinite TMs
  • 252 EV Cap
  • Stat Nature Colors
  • Running Indoors
  • Battle Tournaments Are Randomized
  • Brand New Movement Mechanics

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