Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo

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NamePokemon Dark Rising 1 & Kaizo
Based OnPokemon Emerald
VersionWill Update

Quick Info

Dark Rising 1 Rom is a GBA hack that is based on Pokemon Emerald, created by DarkRisingGirl. It was last updated on April 27, 2017.


The story begins with a fantasy. A Pokemon shows up all of a sudden and picks you, a youngster/young lady, to save it as well as the whole world.

You awaken with doubts in your mind. You get out of your old neighborhood of Fells in the Core Region, choosing to overlook the fantasy for now. Your closest companion, who had a similar dream as you, approaches you at the front entryway and illuminates you regarding a crisis message from the town’s Professor. The point when you meet the teacher, he rapidly advises you regarding the fiascos and environmental changes that are occurring all through the Core Region. His workers are in a frenzy, so he requests that you go to the conveyance station and get a bundle from Prof. Oak for him.

As you set out on this basic undertaking, you run over a baffling young lady who has all the earmarks of being mindful of your fantasy about an animal named Darugis. In the wake of getting the bundle, an incredible Pokemon shows up before you and your companion, Pete. You rapidly take part in a fight with it, anxious to scrutinize your initial abilities against an amazing Pokemon. The pokemon utilizes its amazing breezes to effortlessly overcome your Pokemon and take you out. Subsequent to awakening in your room, you notice Pete and your mom standing by calmly for your recuperation. You rapidly understand that this is only the start of an excursion brimming with secrets and incredible Pokemon that you can hardly wait to challenge.

Useful Stuff


  • 386 Pokemon ranging from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh & Unova
  • Pokemon will learn some of their best egg moves by level-up instead of breeding
  • Challenge Nurse Joy for exp
  • Newer generation moves
  • Dream World Abilities

Pokemon Kaizo Features

  • New Enemies, Moves & Area
  • EVs are removed
  • Additional mini-bosses
  • Chanseys in the overworld to heal you
  • Some ability changes, and a few stat changes
  • Fixed bugs & glitches
  • Hours of extra story content
  • Cleaner scripts
  • Reasonable battles

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Download (Dark Rising Kaizo Fixed)

Download (Dark Rising Original)

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