Pokemon Crystallos

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NamePokemon Crystallos
Based On Fire Red
Version Alpha
CreatorMarkusfer47, minorthreat0987, Calls Project, Dewitty, phyromatical, Alistair, Silentninja, Furs The Fox, GregarLink10 

Quick Info

Pokemon Crystallos is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by SkyVortex. It was last updated on  May 14, 2018.


In Pokemon Crystallos, you’re a child brought up on a distant island, yet your experience into the Ninguit Region begins with a little solicitation from Professor Prudens, he observed a specific frozen quill that can’t be thawed out. As you clear your path through various towns and urban communities to discover the beginnings of said feather you have the experience of your life, as you’re at last ready to leave that disconnected island.

Pokemon Crystallos Features

There’s nothing really impressive, there’s a new Region called Ninguit, with their respective Gym Leaders, Trainers, and the like, Pokemon from the First Gen to the Third Gen will be available, and I plan on making a nice postgame to go with.

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