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NamePokemon Crystal Prodigy
Based On Crystal

Quick Info

Pokemon Crystal Prodigy is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Crystal and was created by jordanar18. It was last updated on February 14, 2021.


Pokemon Crystal Prodigy is intended to be more troublesome than the first however not excessively in this way, and on second thought zeros in additional storyline options.

Main Features

  • Another mentor class: the Prodigies (Male and Female). Recognized by their blue outfits, they have more brilliant AI and more grounded and more assorted groups than different mentors of the spaces they are in. In Johto you’ll observe them preparing in Routes in the grass, having as of now beaten the Gyms they are closest to. In Kanto, you’ll think that they are in the Gyms. At the point when you beat them, they give you things.
  • Practically every coach in the game has a higher-evened-out group. This is generally perceptible in the Gyms, the Elite Four, and in Kanto.
  • Each of the 251 Pokemon is accessible. You can take a gander at the readme to perceive how to get them, or find them all alone! The Celebi occasion has been reestablished; go to the Goldenrod PokeCenter subsequent to entering the Hall of Fame.
  • Extensive post-game in Kanto, including many new coaches, a significant side mission, and a re-match of the Elite Four. Most new mentors are discretionary, as they will possibly challenge you assuming that you step directly before them or converse with them.
  • Subsequent to overcoming the Elite Four Round 2, any took out Legendaries return in their unique areas (Suicune in the Burned Tower; see the “Areas” readme assuming that you really want information on Entei and Raikou).
  • Huge loads of new things added, including the Lucky Egg and Scope Lens (once more, see readme on the off chance that you need their areas).

Version 1.1 Updates

  • Another fight region for crushing is the Fuchsia Training Center. This resembles the Battle Tower, however, the Pokemon keep the EXP focuses and you get the cash. You can fight very nearly 50 coaches every day!
  • Fortunate Egg and TwistedSpoon have been made accessible in the main game (see readme assuming that you need their areas)
  • Moveset Changes: the Bulbasaur line gets Giga Drain; the Charmander line gets Fire Blast rather than Fire Spin; the Squirtle line gets Bubblebeam rather than Rapid Spin
  • The test to get the Radio Card has been taken out
  • Bug fixes

Other, but still significant, features and changes

  • Running shoes — hold B to run
  • Sparkly chances expanded to 1 out of 1,024; Shinies additionally commonly have extraordinary DVs (which means a glossy Rattata is in a real sense a top-rate Rattata)
  • An Exp. Share is realistic before Falkner, and an Amulet Coin is reachable before Bugsy
  • TMs are reusable
  • Berry names were modernized; two Lum Berry and two Sitrus Berry trees added
  • More space is taken care of for things, including another pocket for Berries and Apricorns
  • Move Signal Beam added and is TM43; see readme for Pokemon that can learn it
  • Bogus Swipe is TM40, is accessible at the Goldenrod and Celadon Marts, and is learnable by the Johto starters
  • The adversary’s 25% opportunity to miss status moves has been eliminated
  • Move Tutor in Goldenrod is accessible consistently in the wake of overcoming Team Rocket in the Radio Tower (one time each day) and shows moves for 1500 coins
  • Game Corner prize costs decreased
  • Card-flipping game takes 10 coins to play (and payouts are changed appropriately), making procuring coins quicker
  • Uncommon Candies are accessible at the Celadon Game Corner for 750 coins each
  • BRN/PSN/PRZ expands get a rate
  • Kurt’s Balls function as planned
  • Move Deleter included Lavender Town
  • Naturally reuse Repels
  • Hidden little goodies and other fun things to find!

Known Bugs

  • While looking through the Kanto Town Map, the game can freeze or crash. Try to save before you check out the guide.
  • In the location of the fight between the two Youngsters on Route 30 (preceding you get the Pokedex and return to Elm’s lab), the Rattata sprites are some of the time misfired when they assault one another.
  • When selling things and storing things in the PC, the pack pockets look like a bizarre request.
  • The Fishers on Route 12 some of the time show up as green Player, PokeBall, or Berry Tree Sprites in the overworld. They are, indeed, Fisher mentors. This is more averse to occur on the off chance that you approach them from Lavender Town.
  • In one of the Prodigy fights, the overworld Prodigy sprite vanishes during the fight’s progress.

Kanto Side Quest Description

Shortly after disembarking the S.S. Aqua, you learn of a mysterious Treasure Hunt that’s taken Kanto by storm. Rumor has it that the benefactor is offering a powerful Legendary Pokemon and the race to claim it has gotten lots of new people into training. Clues are scattered about, and it may take you a while to figure out what is required to get it. Have fun participating in this puzzling and exciting new Kanto side quest!

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