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NamePokemon Crystal Maeson
Based On Crystal
Version v1.1

Quick Info

Pokemon Crystal Maeson is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Crystal and was created by SinisterHoodedFigure. It was last updated on February 26, 2021.

Pokemon Crystal Maeson, as different hacks by the similar creators, means to give a game he’s played a ton an alternate style through an assortment of changes, so it stays feeling new or more fascinating to his own particular preferences.

Penetrate Version 1.1 has been delivered, bringing a large number of upgrades just as bringing back components that were cut for the main public delivery in regards to how Types cooperate with each other. These outcomes in an enormous number of changes to Stats, Types, Moves, and different things; you can see them in the refreshed readme. Remedies were likewise made to the different text records that contained various mistakes.

Here is a speedy overview of a portion of the progressions achieved by this hack:

Getting away from the “vanilla Pokémon experience” by changing the “balance” of the Pokémon themselves. This incorporates new Type Matchups to make Types equivalent, allotting various Types to numerous species, making new Stat appropriations for each transformative line and putting them on similar level, smoothing out advancement across all species, and the sky is the limit from there.

The Pokédex has been refreshed to help with the prior. It no longer gives the questionable random data it once did, and on second thought currently gives both a rundown of Weaknesses and Resistances, just as the Base Stats of every species, to help the player.

A Physical/Special split has been added, and numerous old moves have been taken out to clear a path for new ones, giving each Type moves with differing Power levels on both the Physical and Special sides. Notwithstanding, there has been no expectation to pursue directions set by more up to date games with the new moves.

A deliberate exertion has likewise been made to smooth out all parts of preparing and RNG. Since DVs/IVs are not generally viewed as in detail computations, any Pokémon (counting Shiny and Female Pokémon) can arrive at their maximum capacity. Gaining Stat Experience is a significantly less disappointing interaction now, as changes to Vitamins just as new Items have been made to make them really valuable this time, and you should focus and deal with your group thusly.

The general trouble of the game has expanded perceptibly. The AI has been improved, Levels have been raised (Generation 2 had a fairly low-Level bend), groups for essentially every coach out there have been changed (which, joined with the past changes and learning new stuff, does without a doubt build the test), and Pokémon from Trainers really do get logically harder as you progress since, similar to you, they gain Stat Experience, and later a pokédex, they gain Stat Experience. Among different changes, identification rewards and NPC “nerfs” have been taken out.

One more significant element of this hack is a huge modification of the Battle Tower. Besides refreshing the Pokémon you battle there to mirror the hack’s new changes (and furthermore change up the species you find there), a ton of new substance has been added. Move Tutors of different kinds, just as an award framework where you can get Special Eggs with Pokémon that know an extraordinary move, like what Pokémon Stadium did. This spot has developed significantly more than it was already.

There was additionally a few “final stage” content added, for example, rematches and different things. However, subsequent to overcoming Red, the Elite Four become more grounded, and Gym Leaders need to battle once more (by all accounts,s not the only ones). Various valuable Items have been added to the Battle Tower to support the step up. Pokegear Rematches likewise had some huge enhancements over the first.

Things and Item stockpiling have additionally gone through certain changes. There are a couple of new items, for example, Fruits that assist you with reinforcing your Pokémon, and Kurt Balls have changed fundamentally from the first game.

While there are no designs to make another story or locale, there are a couple of new guides to a great extent, now and again to bring back things like the Viridian Forest, different occasions to extend specific places that felt short, or basically to add a couple of new regions. There were additionally various minor options and changes made all through the game, extremely various to list here.

There have been significant changes to the graphics in many areas. Pokémon sprites have been cleaned up, improved, or changed (they also have individual icons for each, and Shiny colors have been changed), and the overworld graphics have received some tweaks here and there. Many areas have been tweaked here and there to make them easier to navigate or look at, and the scrolling is also smoother. In general, the game’s colors are less saturated, making it easier on the eyes when playing on anything with a back-lit screen. Some menus and other UI elements have also been redesigned to make them easier on the eye and, hopefully, more visible.

There’s a lot more to the changes, but if you want to learn more, there’s the standard “why this is so long” readme included. In fact, if you have a lot of free time, there are a lot of files with different information to help people adjust to all of these changes!

Pokemon Crystal Maeson Features

  • Types, Moves, Pokémon Stats and such have been changed deeply to move away from the conventions of the original games
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fair increase in the overall difficulty
  • Reworked Battle Tower
  • Some “endgame” content was added too, in the form of rematches and other things
  • Some new maps
  • Big changes to the graphics in many areas

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