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  • Creator: RedMort
  • Version: Beta 2 (Completed)
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Updated: January 24, 2018

This time, we will come to one more tale about a Pokemon guardian. He has a major ranch that is utilized for really focusing on numerous poor Pokemon. At some point, on a blustery and turbulent evening… he tracked down an injured Marowak outside his ranch. That Marowak became sound and more grounded under the consideration of this man. They look so cheerful, every once in a while. Things are changed since the day the man tracked down a frightfully injured Charmander. Very much like while establishing Marowak, this Charmander was really focused on and cherished such a lot of that it recuperated fastly. Our hero Marowak was so envious. At last, they faced a savage conflict to figure out who will be the most cherished one of the man. The advantage was Marowak’s and when it planned to give Charmander the last blow, the man appeared. He ousted Marowak with a progression of tears. Left the ranch with outrage, Marowak has sworn that he definitely would return some time or another to have its vengeance.

Time has elapsed by such a huge amount since that critical day. Nowadays, there is no information on TV and in papers that a Pokemon is unleashing some ruin. Unexpectedly the man saw that Marowak was just before his ranch while the polices were pursuing him. The Guardian attempted to protect the pokemon, yet because of his assistant, he was captured for being an accessory. Be that as it may, Marowak figured out how to get away. After seven days, it broke into the prison and saved the man.

Indeed, right now you can think this is the most appropriate completion for this hack. No, we have something different. Numerous years have passed. The public authority is changed. Numerous things have occurred. You hear a great deal about something odd which is frightening individuals. You choose to investigate and realize what’s going on. We should begin your excursion.


  • The PokeCenter is redesigned.
  • The sprites are updated.
  • A new region named Armonia.


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