Pokemon Creepy Black

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NamePokemon Creepy Black
VersionDemo 0.05

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Pokemon Creepy Black is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Creepy. It was last updated on May 29, 2019.


While utilizing the Ghost Pokemon to fight, your rivals can’t move. There is just a move named Curse in your Fight menu. Pick it, your screen will become dark. Then, you can hear the call of that adversary yet in an especially lower pitch and it has been misshaped. The fight screen will be back once more, yet there is no Pokemon at your adversary’s side. Alright, the Pokemon was dead. DEAD!

What’s much more interesting is subsequent to utilizing the Curse continue on any coach you face, the sprites of the mentor is no more. All things being equal, a gravestone like the ones at Lavender Tower has supplanted that coach! Do you have any idea what that implies? Ok uh… that one is DEAD, as well!

You can feel an awful, startling air with the limitless circle of the soundtrack Lavender Town. All things considered, everybody could do without this soundtrack since it is excessively spooky. However, it is the fundamental music of this variant, so you can’t transform anything except if you switch off the volume.

Get ready to detect and feel the secret of haziness and demise in this game. If you have any desire to have a loathsomeness experience, switch off the light and play this game. Let’s perceive how long would you be able to endure.

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