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NamePokemon Corona Edition

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Pokemon Corona Edition is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by  Gallo98. It was last updated in 2020.

Pokemon Corona GBA: ProfessorZang needs you in light of the fact that a risky infection is spreading, specialists from everywhere the world are getting some information about the quest for a remedy, however the data in his control is excessively little to track down a total fix.

Inside the examination habitats are the most significant scientistswho attempt to test for the infection, they are extremely desirous of your exploration and thusly will impart their work to you provided that you demonstrate that you are ready for the task!But it will not be just simple! A gathering of wrongdoers, the Unters, need to spread the infection and will attempt to dial back their quest for a cure!Your malicious objectives will likewise propel thanks to the assistance of pokemon to have the option to send the infection quicker!

Its will probably gather data from researchers in research habitats and go to the most evolved lab on the planet: the LGSCan you carve out a fix in opportunity? For what reason would the Unters like to spread the infection? Will they succeed?It’s chance to find out!


The objective we set toward the start of the venture was to make a test for devotees of the Pokèmon world, so we chose to make an intentionally troublesome game, technique ought to be the foundation of your gaming experience! Nonetheless, mindful that Hack can likewise be played by individuals with little experience, we likewise chose to make an improved on variant, so anybody can have a lovely gaming experience!

Pokemon Corona Edition Features

  • New Script-New story
  • Texts in Italian, except marginal conversations (e.g. pkmn center)
  • Physical/special division
  • IVs and bonuses highlighted / malus natura
  • Venom of survival outside the fight
  • P/B repellent system implemented
  • Evolution through removed exchange, pokemon will evolve through evolutionary or level stones
  • Some evolution lines have been modified, some pokemon evolve at different levels or with different methods
  • Pokemon with intragenerational evolution has been added (e.g. Magnetone->Magnezone)
  • Included Joltik and Salandit with related evolutionary lines
  • Neropulsar and Dragopulsar introduced
  • MT infinite
  • Some movements have had a power surge or substantial changes also in type (e.g. Flash->Electro)
  • Inserted the Mega Evolutions, they function as irrevocable standard evolutions, and can be obtained thanks to the use of megapietra (ex sunstone, espeon (etc.) evolutionary by level)


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