Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 3

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NamePokemon Clay’s Calamity 3
Based OnFireRed

Quick Info

Pokemon Clay’s Calamity  is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack created by Fabulator that is based on Pokemon Fire Red and is Codebase in English. It was last updated on July 11, 2018.


A multi-decade has passed and Kanto has now been returned to the League. Exercise center Leaders have been reexamined and coaches have been raising their abilities. Take a stab at this new interpretation of the old age of Pokemon; the finish of the open-world, Fire Red set of three, Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 3.

Ten years have passed since an anonymous legend raged Kanto and crushed the Indigo League’s most grounded Pokemon Master, Clay. The fight kept going for a few days, obliterating a city and decreasing the quantity of Pokemon exercise centers. Kanto was kicked out of the Pokemon League Verified Regions since it did not have the necessary least eight authority rec centers.

What this Game offers
This game, similar to the past two, is a Fire Red open-world Pokemon fix. The accessible Pokemon have been significantly extended, and an endeavor has been made to incorporate each Pokemon (from the initial three ages) in the game.

Every single obstructed section, rival fight scripts, cuttable trees, locked entryways, and mentor blockers have been taken out, bringing about a totally open-world experience right from the beginning. Go between urban areas by boat, foot, or secret twist cushions.

This game, similar to the initial two, has Pokemon areas dependent on old stories, type districts, ecological elements, (for example, moonstones), and level variety.

The area is covered with stowed-away sections and mystery coaches simply ready to be found. Forge ahead of your excursion and own this story to its epic decision!

Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 3 Features

  • Open-world Pokemon Fire Red (duh…)
  • Mew is now usable
  • Deoxys is now usable
  • Trainers updated (more Mons, higher levels). Levels max at 36 before victory road for multi-mon trainers. Exceptions are gym trainers. 
  • Special / Physical move split
  • Fighting Dojo is an official Gym
  • Flying Dojo added
  • Gym Leaders have a party of 6
  • Gym Leaders levels increased
  • Some gyms have layout updates
  • ALL Pokemon are obtainable
  • Islands are optional (person blocking elite four has been removed)
  • Montres back in Victory Road
  • Updated NPC trading offers
  • Hidden legendaries
  • Level curve updated
  • Trainer AI difficulty increased
  • Warp tiles for easy fast travel
  • Some (not many) text dialogs have changed to give hints about ‘special’ changes
  • Magikarp merchant now sells Milotic
  • Safari Zone now has no cost and are regular wild encounters
  • Shop items have been updated (Elixers, Ethers, Moon Stones, Sun Stones, Master Balls, Rare Candys, Left Overs, Etc.)
  • In-game trade side quest added
  • Saffron City has moved to Lavender Town after events in Clay’s Calamity I

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