Pokemon Chaos Black

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NamePokemon Chaos Black
VersionBeta 0.1
CreatorEnix-Zae , Mewthree, //Samson

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Pokemon Chaos Black is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Enix-Zae, Mewthree, Samson. It was last updated in 2009.


The game beginnings with a legend: “It has been an unending length of time since the four Pokégods were fixed in the legend balls… And presently, many years after the fact, they have been situated to a solitary locale, Beaulés, a region toward the west of Magore. Looking for them is Eseal, replacement to the Se Corp domain, since the time the conflict with group soul, with the Pokégods in his grip, he would never be halted… You, notwithstanding, have an excursion to start. Continue in your sister’s means, and become a Pokémon ace. With such large occasions occurring, you might even save the world… “

In the wake of perusing the legend, you experience Professor Oak, a researcher who concentrates on Pokémon. He asks the player his/her name, and who your opponent’s name is. A short time later, you are at your home. In your PC, there is a mixture, which is indispensable as it can reestablish your Pokémon’s HP by 20 whenever harmed. Then, the player should head outside and towards the course straight ahead. He will be stopped by Prof. Oak, who cautions the player not to go close to the tall grass, as it is hazardous to do without a Pokémon to safeguard you. He then takes you to his lab, where his grandson, your opponent, eagerly looks for him. He offers both of you an extremely interesting, stand-out Pokemon. You might browse three starter Pokémon:

Magid – A Grass-and Electric-type Pokémon. It knows two actions: Tackle and Leech Seed. Prescribed for players new to the series.
Flaon – A Fire-type Pokémon. It knows two maneuvers: Scratch and Growl. Suggested for experienced players.
Bliqu – A Water-type Pokémon. It knows two actions: Tackle and Charm. Suggested for intermidiate-level players.
Subsequent to picking your starter, you will fight your opponent. Your opponent will continuously pick a more favorable decision. Assuming that the player picked Magid, he will pick Flaon. On the off chance that Flaon was picked, he will pick Bliqu. On the off chance that Bliqu was picked, he will pick Magid. It is prescribed to utilize the Potion while in fight. After the fight has finished, Oak permits the two new Trainers to leave for their excursion across Beaulés. Visiting in Viridian City’s Poké Mart, the player will observe that a bundle has come in for the teacher, and the assistant asks that it be conveyed to him. After this has been finished, the teacher gives two Pokédexes, one for the player, and one for the opponent, away to them, and sends them out the door. Viridian has a Gym; in any case, it is locked. A short time later, the player should go through the Viridian Forest. Subsequently, the player should overcome Gym Leader Brock at Pewter City, then Misty at Cerulean City, Lt. Flood at Vermillion City, Erika at Celadon City, Koga at Fuchsia City, Sabrina at Saffron City, Blaine at Cinnabar Island, and Giovanni at Viridian City. Thereafter, the player faces the Elite Four, then, at that point, faces his/her adversary.

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