Pokemon Cerice GBA

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NamePokemon Cerice
Versionv1.5 (Completed)

Quick Info

Pokemon Cerice is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Cerice and was created by KnSlash. It was last updated on October 14, 2014.


Pokemon Cerice Pretty much follows the RSE storyline, yet is a lot harder, has lots of incredible new characters that help and conflict with one another. Each character is significant here and there. New insidious group that represents an ACTUAL danger to the locale. However, I for one think, “The most risky trouble maker is the person who believes he’s making the best choice” which is the situation in this game. Stephen (primary bad guy) genuinely accepts he is doing well, and you need to stop him before it turns out badly. There are really two groups in this game, NYCTOPHOBIA (Stephen’s) and REGIME (Seth’s). The groups are at battle with one another while at battle for Hoenn. The game is an impact to play, and is truly enjoyable to Nuzlocke.

Pokemon Cerice Features

  • Increased difficulty
  • New characters


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