Pokemon Blue Sea Edition

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NamePokemon Blue Sea Edition
Version Beta 1

Quick Info

Pokemon Blue Sea Edition is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Neos. It was last updated on ????


After 5 years since Gold and Crystal brought home Kanto Champion Championship, they return to Kanto from Johto while Professor Elm is currently the supervisor of Professor Oak’s Lab. Practically all Leaders of Kanto were changed so they need to challenge their abilities once more. On their way, they find out about Team Magma and Team Magma’s assaults. Another excursion starts!!!

Pokemon Blue Sea Edition Features

  • The brand new Kanto with a lot of remapped areas
  • New Game Plot
  • New Heroes and Rivals including Elite Four and GYM Leaders
  • New Sprites

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Pokemon Blue Sea Edition Download

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