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NamePokemon Blazed Glazed
Based OnPokemon Blue
Version Completed

Quick Info

Pokemon Blue Kaizo is a GBA hack ROM that is based on Pokemon Blue and had been created by  SinisterHoodedFigure. It was last updated on Sept 12, 2016.


In Pokemon Blue Kaizo, you will receive your very first starter pokemon from professor Oak, while you’re rival is about to receive his starter. Unfortunately for you, the rival has a particularly special starter, which gives you a taste of what’s to come. You have to collect about 150 pokemon, eight gym badges, and defend yourself against the nefarious Team Rocket. 

Some Extra Info

Essentially, it’s Pokemon Blue, with the exception of you can get every one of the 151 pokemon, and it’s significantly more troublesome in numerous ways than the first. The adversary’s move pools have worked on fundamentally contrasted with the first red and blue, making what were once straightforward fights more extraordinary. Exercise center Leaders and numerous different managers, specifically, have bigger lists, better pokemon for their sorts, and a large number of them have a pokemon that counters the Supereffective pokemon against their topic. A few guides have likewise been modified, for example, the recurrence with which pokemon show up or labyrinths. Certain overwhelmed pokemon can be acquired in either the late game or the post-game.

Gracious, and there may be a couple of astonishments in Blue Kaizo…

Nonetheless, the catch rates for some pokemon have been improved, making them extremely simple to get, you approach an exceptionally wide assortment of pokemon all through the game, particularly from the beginning, you can utilize streak in the stone passage, and you can prepare at a decent speed without doing a lot of crushing. Battling every one of the coaches gives a great deal of good experience. As you progress through the game, the nature of pokemon you can get improves. Jab balls and repulses are additionally fundamentally less expensive than previously, and you can get free ethers for those troublesome prisons and long-distance racecourses. The better the things you get from the stores, like all the other things, the further you progress through the game.

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