Pokemon Blue Chrome

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NamePokemon Blue Chrome
Version Demo
CreatorLuka S.J.

Quick Info

Pokemon Blue Chrome is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Luka S.J. It was last updated ??.


Pokemon Blue Chrome shows the measures of all current Pokémon as well as more than 200 Overkill Sinnoh. Most of dexs can be attached to strings. Consider that it is so challenging to end up needing to get an EV or wreck it subsequent to pushing the main 700km in the initial 25 tracks (and liberality). Work out the normal number of pkmn per way. Notwithstanding the Pokedex, which contains 712 Pokemon, Blue Chrome doesn’t actually be Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Don Mayerotlis, in spite of the way that there are 512 pkmn existing Pokemon. Try not to endeavor it. What’s more, I’m fed up with making sense of why, however let me say one thing momentarily. In numerous ways, you can’t recount to a decent story in a game. There is no main impetus, and the game rehashes the same thing dangerously fast. Particularly in the event that I have recently seen tileset is the joining of the whole battle framework with a completely arranged Pokedex can design the fight activitys, and three modes: Area (Kanto), International (Kanto 3 from Johto and Hoenn Selection), and National (All Pokedex).

Pokemon Blue Chrome recounts the tale of the whole stage in the ongoing Pokemon game, for certain progressions in all region… thus, it sticks to the standard recipe. The game starts in Kanto, and you have four spaces to browse (Gary, Blue, Gold, May). In view of the first game, the player should settle the secret (Crystal, Fire Red, Emerald, and Platinum). This secret, for instance, helps the player in moving to new domains. I don’t figure out it. It was in that players needed to pass the request to propel the different characters in different locales of the story and gives a prologue to the following zone. To finish a few plots, you should venture out to another district. Kindly give a model. It is about the world’s most noteworthy players perusing and decipher all of the data so we can advance through the game. The above data should be given by the designer. Blue is a Pokemon. Chrome utilizes extraordinary designs for the Menu, Pokedex, Bag, PC, and 200 new Pokemon. Different designs, like Tileset, are accessible in Pokemon Fire Red Bleh’s Tileset. The music from a few Pokemon games is accessible on the sound framework. This is a straightforward technique… vgmusic.com is anything but an effective method for establishing a decent connection. You shouldn’t reuse or endeavor to interface whatever includes something. The DPPt game’s corner is fitting. This is because of the way that it is a piece of the game. Assuming you utilized the Sphere Filler topic on my title screen, it isn’t down well disposed. (This isn’t accurate on the off chance that my game doesn’t spin around circle fillers.) Custom music for Pokemon and the new locale is incorporated.

Pokemon Blue Chrome Features

  • Using Pokemon in the bag menu or giving items is (visually) incomplete.
  • The scene of evolution is not really perfect, but what
  • If you catch Pokemon, the battle system will explode for any reason, but will not damage the game.
  • Assignments / Events There may or may not be problems.
  • There may be some problems with PokeCOM that you forgot to mention here.
  • BGM will reset when you leave your cousin’s house after the balcony event.
  • The battle system is a little further back when the Pokemon GIF is initialized (blames RMXP)
  • The “action” button becomes very strange.
  • Toggle displays moving event sprites.
  • Application delay due to insufficient coding in my application
  • Motion animation is garbage and incomplete.
  • Recycle data from the trash: Unused files in the game, occupy space in an unobjectionable way (you can not check all of them)
  • Oh, you can learn new things by deleting old ones. I do not know.
  • Treecko evolves in lv6.

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