Pokemon BlackGranite X 

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NamePokemon BlackGranite X
VersionBeta 1.1

Quick Info

Pokemon BlackGranite X is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Zortac. It was last updated on May 29, 2019.


In this game, you will assume the job of a 13-year-old kid living with his family in the Corna Region. Subsequent to residing here for quite a long time, you start to think about leaving to investigate new spots. At the point when you notice it, your folks quickly deny it, accepting that you are still excessively youthful for such an excursion. You’re somewhat miserable, and you’re expecting one more opportunity to show them what you’re about. After completely investigating the Hoejo Region, you contact the Pokemon Professor who lives there to call your folks and advise them regarding your arrangements. Luckily, everything is continuing according to plan. At the point when you’ve pressed all that you want, you say your farewells and go to the new Hoejo Region to meet that Pokemon Professor. He is a genuine Pokemon Expert, with a cutting edge and enormous Pokemon Laboratory, as well as broad information on the Pokemon World around him. He gives you a Pokedex when you request one. At the point when you request a starter, he gives you one from the Johto Region. It isn’t around there. You should contend with his nephew (or niece) in a fight to decide if you deserve this starter and Pokedex. At last, he consents to surrender the two of them to you. From here on out, you will set out on another Pokemon experience that will be loaded up with many amazements.

Pokemon BlackGranite X Features

  • A whole new region.
  • New trainers.
  • New soundtracks inserted from Gold/Silver.

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