Pokemon Black Orb

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NamePokemon Black Orb
VersionAlpha 2

Quick Info

Pokemon Black Orb is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by xmouvelianx. It was last updated on ??.


Despite the fact that you are a youngster, you have amazing Pokemon abilities. Justifiable provided you’re with the child of a notable Pokemon scientist. Your dad conducts an examination into the secret circle, which might be a vital aspect for actuating an extremely enormous thing. That is likewise something that Team Zen is worried about on the grounds that it has the strong capacity to obliterate the whole world. Your dad is ignorant that his exploration is helping Team Zen. You’ll understand these things one day, and your central goal will be to stop Team Zen. In Pokemon Black Orb, you get to pick your own destiny.

Pokemon Black Orb Features

  • New Plot
  • New Graphics
  • Gym Battles are removed
  • Badges by finishing the quests
  • Three new Fakemon
  • New Events
  • Reputation System

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