Pokemon Aureolin 

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NamePokemon Aureolin
VersionBeta V1.4

Quick Info

Pokemon Aureolin is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Superjub. It was last updated on ??.


The legend awakens, there is a Pokemon from the Professor of Pokemon Professor neighborhood, you are told to make it more straightforward to distinguish the splendid hair of the Maple Leaf. While leaving the lab, Pokemon Adventures will change fundamentally. Gone after by baffling hooligans, it appears to be that harmony in the space is short. Afterward, when the hero is going to the area, they are known as a Dusk group while playing out various shows, for example, assuming control over TV stations, dubious thought processes, and stowing away. The name of the legend, venture through the tremendous area of Ekkul, will be explained right away. You are two of the mentors, will meet at a little Felicity that sort and caring that is enthusiastically intrigued by Pokemon. It has a profound interest in Pokemon, an agreeable young lady who professes to get their cravings and necessities. She however innocent, consistently means well, poses future inquiries, about whether or not you need to turn into a Pokémon coach. Then again, the other rival you meet is a Maverick. Freethinker is, there is a not kidding revolution, we called rapidly when the players are creating problems. All through the game, the history will be clear, he will bit by bit regarding the players assuming a powerful impact. Group Dusk by There are numerous chefs, each with their own character and appearance. The examination group will for the most part utilize Pokemon seriously irritating, yet it is not difficult to adjust. For instance, assuming you are battling in the wilderness, you ought to become the sort of Pokémon that can likewise be seen. Kindly don’t trust that they all utilize Wurmples and Zubats!

Pokemon Aureolin Features

  • Explore two new regions which contain Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III.
  • Added Fairy type.
  • The HM Dive is back.
  • A brand new evil organization Team Dusk.
  • Two Shiny Pokemon.

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