Pokemon Aqua Blue

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Aqua Blue GBA Rom

  • Creator: Criminon
  • Version: Demo
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: 2015

Pokemon Aqua Blue is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.


You are awaiting the arrival of your very first ordered Pokemon. While you are waiting, you receive a call from Professor Oak, who wishes to meet you at the Saffron City PokeCenter. However, when you arrive… a meteor collides with Silph. When you go out to investigate, you get into a fight with three Team Rocket grunts. You just discovered that your Pokemon is Shiny! The three Team Rocket grunts have taken control of the meteor after a battle. When you return home, Professor Oak has assigned you a task: collect all of the fragments of this meteor so that he can research and study it further. Furthermore, you are the only one who can put a stop to Team Rocket’s insane ambition.


  • You can freely choose any starter from Gen I to Gen III.
  • All cities which appeared in the anime are also in this hack.
  • A new system called Pokemon Loot will allow you to get item from the fainted wild Pokemon.
  • You can craft items, not only the normal but also the legendary ones.
  • You cannot use the Revive when battling.
  • Some battles are compulsory and cannot be avoided.
  • There will be multiple fights before you can catch a Legendary Pokemon.
  • Day/Night system.
  • The IVs now appear on the status screen.


Pokemon Aqua Blue Download

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