Pokemon Amaryllis

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NamePokemon Amaryllis
Based OnFireRed
VersionBeta 1.0
Credit Mantager, Involuntary-Twitch, NuclearOmega, Peegeray

Quick Info

Pokemon Amaryllis is a GBA hack ROM that is based on FireRed and had been created by the Mantager. It was last updated on August 22, 2016.


In Pokemon Amaryllis, the area of Ohkai: a cold, uneven landmass, found a huge span away from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh areas. Ohkai is a wondrous spot; it is portrayed by its extraordinary assortment of delightful blossoms, and the new Pokémon that occupy it. As of late, be that as it may, one bloom, the Amaryllis, has been showing up in explicit spots in Ohkai, in spite of Ohkai not being its regular environment by any stretch of the imagination.

You are a youngster from Wistfall Village, a humble community in Ohkai’s southwest. Educator Basswood is a botanist and Pokémon devotee. A redhead young lady moves into Wistfall Village one morning. Basswood gives you and this young lady an uncommon Pokémon as an accomplice on this day. He then, at that point, allots you both the undertaking of investigating the baffling appearances of the Amaryllis.
All the while, a gathering called Team Epoch has shaped. Group Epoch is exploring the personalities and science of Pokémon, just as how to control them. The Pokémon Rangers of the area are not satisfied, and they set off to impede Team Epoch’s arrangements. Sadly, you and the redhead young lady are brought into the fight to stop Team Epoch…
What is the meaning of the Amaryllis in Ohkai? Will Team Epoch’s arrangement be effective? Furthermore, how might your excursion work out?

Pokemon Amaryllis Features

  • A completely new region, Ohkai
  • A planned 50+ Pokémon to catch and train!
  • Many new custom moves
  • Lots of moves and abilities from Gen IV-VI have been added
  • Physical-special split added

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