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NamePokemon AlteRed Emerald
Based OnPokemon Emerald

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Pokemon Altered Emerald is a GBA hack ROM that is based on Pokemon Emerald and had been created by luuma. It was last updated on February 10, 2021.


Pokemon Altered Emerald: “What happens when you take (pretty much) every move and capacity from gen 1 to 7, including some new ones, and afterward pack them into only 386 Pokémon?

You get a degree of meta variety the fundamental games could merely fantasize about! Over a large portion of the capacities are mark capacities, and moves are the same! You can get every one of your top picks here, yet they probably won’t be the manner by which you recall them…

In addition, I’ve rebalanced and yet again joined the mentors and rec center pioneers, then, at that point, spruced up each course in Hoenn and added five new ones. The thing I’m generally pleased within the game is the riddles: they’re discretionary, reasonable, and totally mischievous.” – luuma

Pokemon Altered Emerald Features

  • Redesigned Hoenn
  • 417 Pokemon available
  • Newer gen moves and abilities
  • Rebalanced stats
  • Completable Dex
  • Physical/Special split

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