Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle

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NamePokemon Adventure to Empire Isle
Based OnPokemon FireRed
Version v0.5

Quick Info

Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Pokemon FireRed and was created by  DaleH771. It was last updated on August 21, 2021.


Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle starts with you on Three Island. In the wake of catching your first Pokemon, your experience starts, and before you know it, you’re investigating Empire Isle, a shiny new and completely tweaked locale.

On your journey to turning into the most grounded coach ever, you will confront Team Rocket, explore the vanishing of a popular regal of Empire Isle, meet amazing scalawags, find your dad, who has as of late been designated as an exercise center pioneer, and uncover unexpected developments like no other.

Group Rocket is causing destruction (of course). Group Rocket is utilizing science to change Pokémon to make them more impressive and unusual than any other time. It is dependent upon you, with the help of different characters you will meet all through the story, to stop them.

Investigate the lovely Empire Isle, which is overflowing with Pokémon from the initial three ages, and set up a group equipped for overcoming even the most impressive enemies.

Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle Features

  • A brand new region: Empire Isle
  • A return to the Sevii Islands
  • A brand new safari zone
  • Tileset and palette overhauls
  • A increased difficulty level which will test your battle skills and Party diversity
  • Custom TM list
  • Lots of optional battles in towns and cities, and additional but fun dialogues with NPCs
  • The chance to battle several well known characters, such as Gary and Prof. Oak
  • No more trade evolutions + Pokémon evolved with Stones continue to learn moves
  • Rare Pokemon available on every route (1% encounter chance)

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DaleH771, KyleDove 

SOURCE: PokeCommunity

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