Moemon Bonds

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NameMoemon bonds
Based OnPokemon Fire Red

Quick Info

Moemon Bonds is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack created by Fantaseed that is based on Pokemon FireRed and is Codebase in English. It was last updated on May 15, 2021.


By the force of the impulsive notion MOEMON GODDESS, you – (an amnesiac and confused MOEMON Latios berry-picker in your youngsters) – were given a repulsive revile. To dispose of this revile, you should submit to all her wills. She told you, you should go on a moemon POACHING excursion and stop the anointed one no matter what. However, you should likewise convince and assuage the hearts of the numerous MOEMONS she said.

Track the way of the white shadows. Structure bonds with your MOEMON friends you had MOENAPPED?! Uncover secrets and privileged insights in this universe of modernized MOEMON. Be the adversary and bar the divinely selected individual’s tracks.

Moemon Bonds Features

  • New story
  • MOE Sidequests
  • Follow me events and minigames
  • Double MOEbattles galore
  • Exclusive MOE moves
  • Moemon character mugshots
  • New region/world
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fairy type
  • Some moves from gen 4+
  • Gen1-8 MOEMONS
  • EV-IV display screen
  • No more unlimited revives/potions in-battle)
  • Moemons SUMMONING moemons

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Fantaseed, Anthroyd, Atelier, Atrius, Avara & Many More

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