Major Differences Between BGMI Vs PUBG Mobile

Since the launch of BGMI players are asking Whether BGMI and PUBG Mobile same or they are both are different games. In the article, we will try our best to clear all your doubts about BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Both the game is same, but one of the major difference between BGMI and PUBG Mobile is that the severs of BGMI is located in India while in PUBG Mobile you have a bunch of servers that you can choose to play a game.

Blood Color

In reality, the color of human blood is Red. But in PUBG Mobile when you fire is a bullet, there appears a red mark if your bullet hits the enemy. So, the mark that appears is of Red Color. While in the case of BGMI, when you fire or hit your enemy, the bloodstain will be of green color.

  • In BGMI, players have option to change the color while being hit by a gun, but they cann’t set it to red.

Parental advisory: 

If you are below 18, still want to play the game then you require parental advisory in which you have to provide a phone number on which an OTP will be sent if you cross the Mark of 3 Hours a day. It is just only a game, play it responsibly.

Account Verification

BGMI has added an OTP Based Login to the game, in order to access your account you require a valid OTP.

You get 3 chances to fill the OTP after which it will be invalid.

  • The code will be valid only for 5 minutes.
  • You can receive a maximum of 10 OTP at a time, if you fail to enter the OTP then your account wll be banned for next 24 hours.
  • You can only make maximum of 10 account from a mobile number.

While in the case of PUBG Mobile, you don’t need to enter any OTP. There is no restriction on the gaming hours. One major difference is that BGMI servers are located in India while in the case of PUBG Mobile there is a bunch of servers available from which you can choose like Asia, Africa, Europe.

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