BGMI Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) along with every big festival launches an event to have maximin players playing their game. As only a few days are left for Dussehra so BGMI event to be held on the occasion of Dussehra has started. The event will last long till October 18, 2021. Here we have written this article to let you know that what you have to do to get all the rewards.

Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event Guide

Dussehra leaf Exchange Event is a festival-based event by Krafton which is only available till October 18, 2021. All you need to do is collect the leaves and get the Dussehra Limited frame for absolutely free. Players can exchange the collected leaves for more rewards. Besides, that players will also get daily and weekly login rewards. For more information, you can visit the leaf exchange center.

How to get rewards in Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event?

Players have to collect cards while playing the game. Now you may be thinking what will gonna happen to these leaves? So you will get rewards, in exchange for these leaves. To know more about it in detail visit Leaf Exchange Center of BGMI. Players will also have rewards for weekly and daily login.

While collecting leaves don’t forget to collect Leaf Stunning Light. Here’s a way for the players to get leaves easily. By using Stun Grenades you will have a chance to collect cards (Leaves). As we ​​use firecrackers to celebrate Dussehra in real life which is not a good way to celebrate, in the BGMI you have to use the Stun Grenades to celebrate this festival. If you use stun grenades 5, 10, 20 times you will get 100, 150, 200 cards respectively.

During the exchange of these leaves that you have collected, you will get UMP9 permanent skin in BGMI.

Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event Rewards

  1. 5 leaves:- 1 Trill Ride BG Create
  2. 10 leaves:- 10 AUG
  3. 10 leaves:- 1 Classic Create Coupan Scrap
  4. 10 leaves:- 1 Supply Create Coupan Scrap
  5. 500 leaves:- The Skulls UPM 45
  6. 10 leaves:- Large Leaf avtar Frame

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