Bad News for Hackers IN BGMI

Krafton had announced bad news for the hackers. If you are a BGMI Players then you know the pain of this word. Some players use hacks and cheat to win all the games they play. They just disturb and ruin your entire game and gaming experience.

Players always wish that they don’t have any hackers in their lobby while playing the game. (Image Credit: Scout)

BGMI Hackers

Hackers are the players that use unfair means to win the game and have some extra sort of advantage while playing the game. They generally use a 3rd part program to access the sort of advantages that a normal can never have. They are a kind of plague to the gaming industry. Recently BGMI has banned million of accounts for using hacks and cheats to win the game.

Krafton has stated that “fair gameplay is our priority” which means if anyone is found to be guilty of using hacks or cheats their account will be banned permanently. If you ever faced a hacker in the game make sure you report it.

Krafton announced Fair Gameplay for BGMI & PUBG Mobile

As per the official statement “Strict action will be taken against the player who found guilty of using illegal programs, cheats. Making the game fair for all is our top priority.”

Down below is the info that how many accounts they have banned in the first seven days of October. Have you look

[Permanently Banned Accounts]

October 1 (Fri) ~ October 7 (Thu) : 81,049 accounts

* Permanent banning is conducted every day, and we would like to inform you about the number of banned accounts through this notice.

[Permanently Banned Accounts from Leaderboard]

September 25 (Sat) ~ October 13 (Wed)

 > Accounts promoting cheats or rank push through their profile pictures: 77 accounts

 > Accounts that used cheats: 440 accounts

How to Report a hacker in BGMI

Reporting is one of the easiest ways to report a player who is using hacks and cheats, every step from our side will be helping to make a clean gaming community. Here we have discussed various methods that you can use to report a hacker in the game.

There are 3 possible ways to report cheaters in Battlegrounds Mobile India and they are:

  • Report Cheater through Email
  • Report Cheater Directly through In-Game Channel
  • Report Cheater through In-Game Customer Service

Restrict step that will be taken for hackers of BGMI

  • More detailed revalidation of game data for top ranked users
    • If you are using cheats/Hacks , you will be banned.
    • If you are promoting cheats or cheat assisted rank push, you will be banned.
    • If you have cheated in the past and are not currently cheating right now, you will be handed to a permanent ban.
  • Prevent advertising of cheaters and cheat programs
    • If we found that you using your account as medium to promote cheat program or illegal program, your account will be banned instantly.
  • Strengthen our security system
    • The criteria to analayis whether a player is using hacks or not will be more flexible.

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